nPlay and Train


Age groups for 2024

The age group a player plays in is dictated by their date of birth, as follows:

2015/2016 – 9 & Under
2013/2014 – 11 & Under
2011/2012 – 13 & Under
2009/2010 – 15 & Under
2007/2008 – 17 & Under
2005/2006 – 19 & Under
2004 or earlier – Open

Once the registration period has ended, we put the players together in their age groups, and all players that play 13 & Under and above (where there are enough players for 2 teams or more) take part in netball trials so they can be graded within their age groups.

Each player is assessed by an independent netball professional from Nardelli Coaching and our Grading Team. This allows us to construct teams based on groups that have similar abilities. Players can then develop and reach their potential from season to season.

Please read our Grading Policy.

For 9 & Under and 11 & Under, friendship requests will be taken into consideration wherever possible, but cannot be guaranteed. Players in this age group will learn to play in each position and their coach will rotate them accordingly.

For 13 & Under and up, teams will be selected using a combination of skill level, experience and the composition of a team that has good balance of all positions necessary.

Once this has taken place, the Club will be in contact with everyone to advise players of their team and coach allocation.


Generally, training takes place on the outdoor courts at the corner of Foote and Anderson Streets in Templestowe on Thursdays for 1 hour between 4pm and 6pm. Your Team Manager will advise you of your training time.

Training is compulsory. Please advise your Team Manager or Coach if you’re unable to attend.


Your Team Manager or Coach will use their chosen method of communicating with the team ie. WhatsApp, group text message etc to communicate with you regarding inclement weather cancellations (for training and game day), game day updates etc.

If it is raining on game day, a decision is made whether to continue or cancel for each time slot as the day progresses so, unless you hear from your TM or Coach that your game has been cancelled, continue to make your way to the courts.

Playing Uniform

Each player is required to buy a full Eltham Panthers uniform consisting of either an A-line dress, shorts and club socks, or a unisex top, unisex shorts and club socks. Please see our Uniform & Merchandise Page for details and prices. We also have off court, club branded merchandise available, which is a great way to support your team and your Club.

Opportunities to try uniforms for size are usually presented during the first couple of pre-season training sessions. You can purchase or order uniforms during those times or purchase online via our Uniform & Merchandise Page

9 & Under and 11 & Under are permitted to wear a long sleeve black top under their dress and black leggings if the weather is cold and wet. This is not permitted for 13 & Under and above age groups.

Home of the Panthers

The Panthers play and train at the outdoor facilities at the Manningham Templestowe Leisure Centre, Corner Foote and Anderson Streets, Templestowe.