Have a question about playing with the Panthers?

Are you looking for a club to play netball with?  Eltham Panthers is the place for you!

Here are your questions answered; 

Eltham Panthers FAQ’s

  1. What happens after I register?

Firstly, WELCOME! Secondly, you should receive an email confirmation. You will be added to our mailing list and will receive club information when it is distributed. The only thing left for you to organise is your uniform. You can find all of the uniform information here.

  1. How do I order my uniform?

You can look for a second hand uniform via our Facebook Group or purchase a new uniform from our website.

  1. What age group will I be in?

When you register with our Club, the system (Netball Connect) will automatically

register you to the relevant age group according to your date of birth. More

information can be found on our Registration Page.

  1. Can I join a team if I have never played netball before?

Yes! We are a Community Club who welcomes all skill levels, including beginners. We have different divisions which accommodate different skill levels to ensure suitable competition at each level.

  1. When and where do Panthers train and play?

Our teams train and play at the Templestowe Courts, Corner of Anderson and Foote Streets. Training is held for one hour on Thursday afternoons at 4pm (U9-U13’s) and 5pm (U15-Opens). All games are played on Saturdays between 9am and 3pm. Teams play at the same time each week.

  1. Do I need to attend training?

Yes. Training is compulsory unless there is a valid reason for not attending. Training is essential for team cohesion and skill development. Please inform your Team Manager or/and Coach if you are unable to attend training. 

  1. How much does it cost to play netball with the Panthers each season?

This information can be found on our Registration Page. 

  1. Can I play in a different age group?

Players can only play in their own age group or one age group above (e.g., an U11 player can only play in U11 or U13).  If a player wants to play in a higher age group, a written request needs to be sent to the Club email address and a decision will be made by the Grading Committee on a case by case basis.

  1. What are the netball seasons?

We play in the Manningham Association in two seasons; Autumn, terms one and two, and Spring; terms three and four.

  1. Can I play in a team with my friends?

When you register you can nominate friends to play in a team with, and the Grading Committee do their best to fulfill these requests, however this is not always possible. From U13 onwards, teams are generally formed according to similar skill levels of players, coverage of all of the positions in a team, and creating a competitive team environment.

  1. How are teams selected?

Teams are selected according to our Grading Policy prior to the Autumn Season. Minimal changes are made between the two seasons – only to accommodate incoming or outgoing players.

  1. Can I still join a team if the season has already started?

If we have any space in our teams, we can accept late registrations, this is a case by case scenario, depending on the suitability of the new player going into the team. This decision is made by the Grading Committee.

  1. When do you offer Net Set Go Sessions?

We usually offer Net Set Go Sessions across both of our seasons. More information can be found here.

  1. Can I sponsor the Club?

Yes, please contact the Club for more information on sponsoring.


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